Our Singapore 2019


It’s been a rough couple of weeks here in Singapore. We know that many situations we face in this country are multi-dimensional. It is not simply a matter of wrong or right. As much as we are bound by the human condition, we must continue to learn that relying on anger to defeat ignorance is not a sustainable solution.

That being said, ignorance to the concepts of privilege and majoratism (sometimes wilful) have to go. To live in a country where everyone is truly an equal is an expectation that can cause a lot of pain. Especially when that pain is not recognised by the different tiers of authority Singaporeans put their trust in.

It must be the responsibility of the disadvantaged to fight ignorance with patience and civility and it must be the responsibility of the privileged to operate with humility.

As we celebrate our bicentennial birthday, all of us here at We Are Majulah have put together some of our favourite scenes with our favourite rendition of the National Anthem (Performed by?Farisha Ishak?and arranged by Sulaiman Abdul Wahab)

In this world where it has become so easy to focus on ourselves, we hope to remind ourselves of each other.

Happy Birthday Singapore. Majulah.