I Will Not Die For Singapore

There are many of us who are tired. Many of us who are cynical about this country. There is something that we know is missing. A core belief. A belief that unifies what it means to be a Singaporean. Entirely. What if this belief has always been there. A belief that is written on every dollar we have spent and earned. A belief that has been in the history of this country for a very long time. What if each and everyone of us could strengthen our home for the people we love, for our loved ones ? if all we did was choose to believe it. Would you?



The production of this video was done over many months. We interviewed people of all walks of life to get their understanding of what they felt was our national identity. We took all of that insight along with with our own and scripted something that we believed would make a difference. Where better to film than under one of our void decks in Woodlands.