We Are Majulah is a social enterprise that aims to provide community based solutions to improve civic-consciousness for a better tomorrow.


We focus on the fundamental concept of Majulah (to move onward, to survive) as a belief that can be owned and shared to build a society that is inclusive, tolerant and compassionate.


We construct digital and on ground initiatives to continuously foster the Singaporean identity and thereby our will to live together.


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The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory but progress.

The launch of We Are Majulah was done with a video that generated a national discussion and was widely covered by traditional and new media alike. It was featured in the straits times, channel news Asia, the new paper, Xin min zhao bao and online sites like yahoo, mother ship and the middle ground. It was further shared amongst 60 other media outlets. Despite its length of almost 9 minutes, the video itself garnered almost 13,000 shares, making it one of Singapore top ten viral videos of all time.