The Good Word Project Playlist

Good Word Project: Jessica

"Sometimes you have to lose it all to realise what you wanted, wasn't really what you wanted in the first place." Distraught after losing everything her dad helped finance (it was a six figure amount) following a bad business partnership, Daddy Sinclair (who still calls Jessica "kid") told her that it may be painful, but you can't put a price on the lessons learnt. Either you sink, or you swim. She decided to swim, and with truth, honesty and love, in the most righteous way possible. Jessica is the founder of The Yoga Mandala. She believes that being a yoga instructor is not just about helping people physically on the mat, but mentally and emotionally as well. Though more inclined towards Muay Thai at first, she found that yoga had helped her manage her scoliosis that troubled her since she was young. Jessica believes that whether a person makes it or not is determined by whether they decide to get up after falling. Letting go and moving on. The essence of Majulah. #goodwordproject #wearemajulah #yoga #weneedtoworkonourflexibility

Good Word Project: Kelvin & Yew Chong

Seng Poh RC and the very talented Yip Yew Chong came together to decorate the walls of Tiong Bahru with nostalgic murals. Many of us never had the privilege of witnessing uncles, aunties, bird cages, barbershops and provision shops of the past. In fact, the only time we got to see anything close to it was the old television series "Growing up" ! Yip Yew Chong, who's actually an accountant and never trained in art, averaged 12 hours of work per day on the murals. Keeping true to the spirit of things, the RC rallied the residents to give him logistical support, while some residents, friends, and family visited him with food and drinks while he was toiling away under the sun or in the rain. On the last day of the Pasar mural, he added a painting of a small squatting stall which sells traditional cakes and kuehs, based on a resident’s suggestion. In a way, he had wanted to show the history of the community in the area, the "kampong spirit" which had faded away with the obsession to modernize. In the process, he re-awakened it. The residents, in fact, all of us Singaporeans, have another thing to be proud of that's a celebration of our heritage and a window into a bygone era. If you like Yew Chong's works, you can go mural hunting while learning a little more of each area's history. You might even bump into other fans of his work, like his idol musician Kitaro, who took a picture with wife Keiko, in front of one of the paintings at Tiong Bahru. Catch the rest of Yew Chong's works here: Keep up the great community building efforts! #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject

The Good Word Project: Nicholas

Nicholas comes from a large family. He's especially close to his grandparents who are his source of inspiration. Understanding and accepting everyone despite any differences is a big-family mentality, which he brings to his own friends and colleagues. Understanding that every family has its ups and downs was an important lesson he learnt early on. Ultimately, he has learned that his happiness is in giving back to society. Majulah, Nicholas. #GoodWordProject #WeAreMajulah

The Good Word Project: Kenny

Kenny overcame dyslexia, being bullied in school, obesity, addiction and rebuilding his father's company from scratch all by himself in Indonesia creating a successful business that went on to win a top award at the 2015 World Luxury Hotel Awards for Kebun Villas & Resort. With the help of loved ones, he has managed to overcome his fears, pressure & addiction. His road to recovery was a consistent step by step process. Looking at our lives, pressures and goals, we can learn to take that step by step, day by day approach to achieve success. Even if you're down, you can rise up again. Keep pushing forward Kenny because #WeAreMajulah #TheGoodWordProject

The Good Word Project: Roy

Roy Krishnan is considered one of the greatest left wingers in the history of Singaporean football. He was part of the national team in the 70s. He played with other legends like Dollah Kassim and Quah Kim Song although he often forgets that he is a legend in his own right. Despite suffering an injury which forced him to stop competing earlier than he expected, he still keeps football close to his heart and has subsequently taken on various coaching roles to help impart the wisdom and experience that he's gained over the years. Thank you, Roy for sharing with us your good word of advice. Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Joseph, Clement and Nigel

When Joseph, Clement and Nigel started Hood Bar and Cafe 7 years ago, they only dreamed that the artistes that they showcased on their stage would ever get the recognition that they have today. Now their dreams are an ongoing reality. Their perseverance and tenacity in promoting local music has contributed to the best local music scene Singapore has seen to date. 7 years later, they still hold true to their vision and do whatever they can to help aspiring musicians realise their dreams. Majulah! Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube Link:

The Good Word Project: Derrick

#WeAreMajulah and ConnexionSG collaborate to feature people who are commonly misunderstood in our society. "I always like to tell this to people when they adopt a pet: You are saving 2 lives instead of one. Ask me why! Well, it's because you save the life of the pet you adopt and then you're making a space for another one in the shelter." Derrick Tan has a colourful past involving glue sniffing and drugs. However, being constantly judged by society based on his outward appearance hasn't stopped him from trying to bring about more love in the world. He started Voices For Animals to fully express the love that he's had for animals since he was a child. This is the first of a six-part series. #inclusivesg #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Hadi

"What keeps me going is the satisfaction I get from doing all this. It's not something you can go anywhere and do. It's like, people put their trust in you to do this and to be able to make them smile, to make them happy is the kind of high that I'm trying to find. So, it's a very satisfying feeling even though I know that sometimes I can get very broke doing this." Hadi Sahran, 28 started out as a sound engineer at Home Club. When Home Club closed down, he felt that there was something missing in his life and so, Hadi started RILEK JACK Market about 2 years ago to promote local music, businesses and art. Hadi runs his own sound company to fully sustain the Rilek Jack movement and so is entirely self-funded. You can find Rilek Jack at the Geylang Bazaar now to show your support. Keep up the excellent work, Hadi. Majulah! Because #WeAreMajulah #TheGoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Gavin

"My mum had a rare cancer called "Sarcoma" which is in the muscles. It was very sudden. It started with a small pimpled sized growth and after that it grew out of proportion. 10 months later she just passed away. As for my dad, actually he just snatched every single thing from me and my sister and just ran off. Though he never really came back after all." Just after he finished serving National Service, Gavin Ng 's life was torn to shreds when he lost his mother to cancer and his dad ran away with all their money. Gavin and his younger sister were left to fend for themselves in Singapore. Undeterred, Gavin put himself through university education while working part time to support himself and his sister through the only means he knew how at the time: Part time tutor. When his students started to get really good results, Gavin's reputation spread via word of mouth and pretty soon, he realised that there was no way he could fit so many students in one small house. That was when he decided to open a tuition center: Gavin's Tuition. It's stories like Gavin's that really inspire us to keep moving onward no matter how hard things might seem. Majulah, Gavin. Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube Link:

Good Word Project: Jason

The Good Word Project: Jason This is Jason. He is 25. Always smiling, even when he’s angry, which is rarely. He radiates positive energy, and has won various awards at work. Uniqlo most recently awarded him the best in customer service. He’s been with them since 2012, and is the reason why his employers were confident enough to hire 20 more employees like him. See, Jason may have an intellectual disability, but that does not faze him. From a young age, he has only been fed positive energy. Like his aunt says, his slogan is quite simply, “Be Happy!”. He has always been misunderstood, by kids his own age who couldn’t understand what was wrong, or due to his own inability to express himself clearly. Most of us would have been endlessly frustrated. Jason, however, stayed true to his mantra. “Be Happy!” Life is simple and sweet. He loves his job, he loves his colleagues, and disability or not, he excels. #WeAreMajulah and ConnexionSG collaborate to feature people who are commonly misunderstood in our society. This is the fifth of a six-part series. Youtube link: #inclusivesg #GoodWordProject #seethetrueme

The Good Word Project: Bernie

"Wah, I think I've done everything for this company from washing dishes, to serving tables to managing outlets to opening outlets. To going overseas and managing outlets overseas as well. So 16 years was a long training for me. And that's the only reason why Fatboy's exists. Because all that experience, all the life skills and experience from school and from those 16 years is what Fatboy's is all about." Bernie Tay started Fatboy's The Burger Bar in 2009 and ever since then, they've opened up multiple outlets in Singapore and also regionally in Malaysia and China. Never afraid of hard work, Bernie harnessed the experience he had from his previous company to build his own brand of food with his brother. And the rest, as they say, his history. Never stop moving onward, Bernie. Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Rai

"If there's one thing I think my mum has shown me over the years, is really about how to be good to people. And I wouldn't say not expect anything in return but to some extent, it's almost that. You know, it's just about loving your enemies and loving your friends. You live with it, you be good to people and in the end you'll receive good as well. And I think it's something I believe until now." Sivadorai Sellakannu - better known as Rai, got into music mostly by chance when he tore a couple of ligaments during National Service and subsequently auditioned for the Music and Drama Company. Rai believes that there are many paths to a destination and you never know what you'll discover along the way to your goal. Rai believes that one should always strive to have passion in their lives and learn to enjoy the moments that matter. Here is Rai's Good Word. Majulah, Rai! Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube Link:

The Good Word Project: Wanda

When Wanda Hu was 14 years old, her father told her that she would one day take over the family business. She now works closely with her father in SonicGear. Wanda also volunteers regularly at the RDA Singapore Official because she feels like working with disabled persons really puts her life into perspective. Wanda firmly believes in always self reflecting because she tries her best to see that life isn't so bad and that the best person she can be is someone who knows how to give back. Don't stop fighting the good fight, Wanda. Majulah. Because #WeAreMajulah #Goodwordproject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Haji Ahmad

Haji Ahmad came to Singapore in 1948. He joined the police force where he eventually attained the rank of Station Inspector. Upon retirement from the force, he joined the Sultan Mosque as an Imam and for a long while, his voice was the voice on the radio for the call to prayer. Haji Ahmad has been married for over 62 years. He has 7 children, 21 grand children and 8 great grand children. Youtube link: Share this video for someone who might benefit from it because #WeAreMajulah

The Good Word Project: Jack Ho

"I think just like any other kid picking up a new instrument, I was very excited to jump on, you know. So my dad bought for me my $50 "Congress", I brought it home. Happy like bird. And wanting to pick up. "Play the "C" chord. No problem. "A" minor chord, easy peasy. Then came "F". And "F" is "F", "F" is effing difficult. And "F" is terrible and I gave up. I gave up. I switched to learning other chords and again, just like any other kid with a short term interest in anything, I put the guitar aside." "The turning point for me was when Dad came back one day and looked at me and said, "Eh, how come you never play guitar?" And then he started "come let me play a song". And he played the F chord. And that was when I decided that, "No, I'm not going to be lousier than him! I'm going to practice playing "F" And I think that's where it all really started." Jack Ho has been performing music with his partner Sivadorai Sellakannu aka Rai, since 2002 and they've been up to a lot more things besides just making music. Besides opening a cafe, they have also recently opened a guitar shop in the heart of town. As someone who truly believes in diversifying and constant improvement, Jack is someone who we think embodies the spirit of Majulah. All the best in your adventures, Jack. Because #WeAreMajulah #TheGoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Zaleha

Madam Zaleha, 59, was pregnant three times before she had her first son. The first two pregnancies were miscarriages and the third was a still born baby. Although it was hard on her, she never gave up hope and was eventually blessed with two sons. She now has four grandchildren and counts her blessings every day. Zaleha has been a staff member at the Kampung Mosque in Sembawang (Masjid Pertempatan Melayu Sembawang) for over eight years. Her journey to motherhood was the most challenging experience of her life. Listen to her story here. Share this story if it inspires you. Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link: If you know of anyone else that has a good word of advice and story to share, do let us know at

The Good Word Project: Zhao Hui

Zhao Hui was born with a hearing impairment and communicates by lip reading. Even with a hearing aid, talking over the phone for her is like "trying to read a book without glasses when you're short-sighted". However, for what she lacks in hearing, she makes up for with heart. By the age of 15, Zhao Hui became the nation's No. 1 fencer. Disabilities may slow you down, but they cannot defeat you, not with a heart like Zhao Hui's. #WeAreMajulah and ConnexionSG collaborate to feature people commonly misunderstood in our society. This is the second of a six part series. #seethetrueme #inclusivesg #GoodWordProject Youtube Link:

The Good Word Project: Grace

Grace Teo has always been an adventurous child growing up. So it's no real surprise that she is now acting and doing stunt work. She most recently acted beside Rui En in the Channel 8 drama C.L.I.F. 4. Despite sustaining physical injuries growing up, Grace still finds it in herself to keep at her craft and always aim for greater heights with her "never say die" attitude. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Grace. Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Pang Seng Meng

"I think the biggest memory I have of my parents is that they always told us that family is very important. They would make sure that we kept together, we always have meals together and if possible go on vacation together. But whatever it was, we always had a meal every week" Pang Seng Meng is 61 years old and currently runs New Ubin Seafood Restaurant - Singapore- a restaurant tucked away in the middle of an industrial area in Upper Thomson but still succeeds in maintaining the old charm of a kampung. Youtube Link: Because #WeAreMajulah If you know anyone who you think has a great story and good word to share, do let us know by messaging us on Facebook directly or emailing us at

The Good Word Project: Leela

Leela started working at the age of 17. She started off as a factory operator and eventually upgraded herself into the laboratory line. During her youth, it was normal for parents to match make their children and Leela was no different. She was match-made with her husband when she was 22 years old and they got married a year later. According to her, she didn't really open up to her husband until a few weeks into their marriage and she only really got comfortable with him after more than a year of being married. They have been in love ever since and now have 2 daughters who are both married and 2 grandchildren. Because #WeAreMajulah #TheGoodWordProject Youtube Link:

Good Word Project: David King

Growing up, David did not have anyone to support and guide him at home as his parents were always busy with work. David turned to gangs to get what he couldn't at home. He and his friends were involved in gang fights, and in one fight, his best friend was killed by a rival gang. While seeking revenge for his friend, he was arrested and was sentenced to 8 years in prison. In his time in prison, he was mentored by Harry, a prison counsellor. He decided to change for the better and continued his studies while in prison. He did so well for his 'O' and 'A' levels that he earned a place in SMU. After being released in 2008, David started his studies in SMU. But even then, things were not easy. Within the first few days in school, he thought about giving up as he feared his classmates finding out about his past. He turned to Harry, who encouraged him to stay on. David pulled through and graduated with a Bachelors of Social Sciences. Inspired by Harry, David is now a life coach and motivational speaker. He works with youths-at-risk to help them avoid the path he once took. He believes that acceptance and support are crucial, and made it his mission to let these youths know that no matter what, he accepts them and is there for them. #WeAreMajulah and ConnexionSG collaborate to feature people who are commonly misunderstood in our society. This is the last of a six-part series. #inclusivesg #GoodWordProject

The Good Word Project: Hitesh

"Because when you're a kid, you're not conscious. You think everything is alright and nothing is wrong. It really hit me during puberty because that's when your awareness rises. And then my self esteem got crushed. Because I realised that everyone was looking at me weirdly, I was being judged, I was being outcasted and there were a lot of weird people calling me names like retard, drunkard, robot. And then i began to realise that something wasn't right." Hitesh Ramchandani was born with cerebral palsy but that hasn't stopped him from being a published writer and motivational speaker. He feels very strongly in the notion of adding value to everyone that he has a chance to interact because he believes that when you add value to the world you live in, the world will in turn add value back in yourself. Working very closely with his brother Vicky Vaswani, Hitesh was an inspiration to talk to and we believe everyone can learn something from his story. Majulah, Hitesh and keep on telling your stories. Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Indira

"It started with a wish to go overseas and have a look. My sister was living here and my brother-in-law is a Singaporean. He had never gone to India until he got married so that was his first trip to India. We used to ask him, "Hey, how is Singapore?" and he would say, "It's tough to explain..There's no mud. In India you see mud on everything, even on footpaths. So to us, it was like how can it be? How can a country exist without mud everywhere? So we used to ask him so many questions. I guess that made me curious and want to come and see it for myself." In 1997, Indira Devi spent 3 months of her salary on a plane ticket to Singapore for a vacation. She fell in love with the country and subsequently applied for citizenship, bringing her whole family along. Although she has been calling Singapore home for many years now, and even enlisted with the SAF Volunteer Corps, Indira still occasionally encounters instances of xenophobia here. Thankfully, the support she receives from her colleagues and friends far outweighs the negativity, strengthening her love for our country. Thank you, Indira for contributing to our society. Majulah. #WeAreMajulah and ConnexionSG collaborate to feature people commonly misunderstood in our society. This is the fourth of a six-part series. #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Sylvester Ho

Sylvester Ho, now 71, started working as an apprentice grader at a saw mill for 40 dollars a month in his early teens. He drove himself to attend Lembaga (night classes) with money he saved up while also providing for his parents and family. As an apprentice, Sylvester continued to upgrade himself by attending courses to certify himself as a qualified grader. He eventually went to Indonesia to work as a production manager specialising in wooden furniture. Despite his 17 years of commitment and hard work, the company had to let him go. Sylvester was left unemployed for 3 years after losing his job. Sylvester survived his struggles in life by depending on one philosophy; which is to take whatever comes his way. He feels that conditions like salary can always be negotiated later but it is more important to be doing something than nothing at all. Sylvester's good word of advice is to stay away from gambling. Youtube Link: Because #WeAreMajulah

The Good Word Project: Kevin Lester

Kevin Lester, also known as the Lion City Boy left his full-time job in 2010 to pursue a career in music as a rapper. He believes that he is where he is today because of the support that he receives from his family and friends. Kevin is a firm believer in "real talk" and knows about the struggle and risks artists take in Singapore. We hope that his story will inspire you to pursue your dream. Whatever it may be. Majulah, Kevin! And thank you for the catchy tunes. (: #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Eugene

Eugene Tan runs the only company that has access to actual airsoft prop guns in Singapore. It was his passion for guns that eventually led him to go through all the red tape that was required. He strongly believes in a positive outlook to life and is always prepared to lend a helping hand to anyone around him. He also has a studio space that is available for booking at the M38 building just opposite Marymount MRT. You can learn more about the studio space and prop gun rental at their Facebook page here: 16:9 Productions Pte. Ltd. Majulah, Eugene! Youtube link:

Whether it be the aunty you buy kopi and kaya toast from in the morning, or the uncle that drives the bus you take on your daily commute, all of us have experienced joy, heartache and pain. What we have in common is that through our difficult moments, we learn of a way to survive. To move onward. To never give up. We launch our first initiative today by introducing a series that captures the most valuable lessons everyday people have learnt in their lives in bite sized pockets of inspiration. Everyone has a lesson learnt and advice to offer. Let's spend a bit of time to listen to each other because we never know when another person's good word of advice might help make our lives a little better. Introducing, The Good Word Project. *This project is completely independent and self funded. If you would like to find out how to contribute or know of someone who might have an interesting lesson to share(and isn't camera shy) please let us know at this email: Because #WeAreMajulah Youtube Link:

The Good Word Project: Nicholas Cho

Nicholas Cho first discovered his entrepreneurial side when in primary school, a classmate bought his drawing of a cartoon character for 50 cents which could, at that time, buy him a whole plate of nasi lemak. Through this, he learnt how to carve out a living for himself and how to take ownership of his own path in life which eventually led to him starting his company Flesh Imp with his partner Vincent in 2000. Since then, they have been considered pioneers in local street wear. Apart from their primary business, Nicholas and Vincent have fiercely supported and given advice to budding entrepreneurs and student endeavors because they strongly believe that Singapore's unique identity and culture must be developed and supported ground up. Nicholas has very recently become the proud father of his first child- a beautiful baby girl and the #WeAreMajulah team would like to congratulate him on this momentous occasion. Majulah, Nicholas. Youtube Link:

Yunquan is a national athlete and martial arts instructor with a list of accomplishments that would put many to shame. She is a certified Behavioural Consultant who also happens to be a Bio-engineering graduate. Yunquan co-founded Kapap Academy and co-founded a style of fighting known as Modern Street Combatives. Yunquan, however, also went through body-image issues as a teenager. She had to participate in her school's weight-loss programme as a chubby kid. At 17, she developed anorexia and weighed 37kg at her lightest. The doctor told her that if she had lost another 2 more kg, the body functions might stop and she would have died. There were times when she had gone running and lost sensation in her legs. She found her self-confidence again after picking up wushu and loving it. Coming from a traditional Asian family, Yunquan was brought up to obediently listen to her parents’ wishes and behave in a demure, girly manner as they expected her to. Her next struggle would be for her parents to accept that she wanted to pursue a less conventional career route as an athlete and martial arts instructor. They eventually recognised how important it was for her to follow her dreams and how well she was doing at it. Yunquan's impressive profile is that of a winner. Her mastery of various styles of martial arts is a testament to her disciplined mindset. She now regularly instructs at various women's groups like AWARE, empowering other women to have self-confidence as well as learn self-defense.

The Good Word Project: Haresh & Terrence

Haresh Tilani and Terrence met while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. They started the YouTube channel Ministry Of Funny when they came back to Singapore and have produced numerous comedy videos. Unlike most comedy YouTube channels, they sometimes tackle hard issues like racism in their videos. #WeAreMajulah and ConnexionSG collaborate to feature people commonly misunderstood in our society. This is the third of a six-part series. #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Irshad

Md Irshad Abbas was born in India, and moved here with his parents when he was 5 years old. In 2012, he noticed a growing sentiment among students in Singapore who wanted to protest in a non-violent way, in response to events happening in Europe, and thought "this is Singapore, it's not really in our nature — instead, why not we give out roses and balloons?", and so he started Roses of Peace. What began as a Muslim Society initiative took root and started to see many non-Muslims joining in. Roses of Peace became an interfaith project organised to spread the universal message of love, peace, harmony and kindness as advocated by all faith groups. Singapore has enjoyed more than just peaceful co-existence between the racial groups. Irshad's initiative is something really special and an example for others to follow. Irshad understood that focusing on the message of peace and love does more for racial and religious harmony than focusing on just tolerating each other, especially during a time when thousands of innocent lives are lost and the flames of distrust that burns in other parts of the world are fanned by public figures with various agendas. What started with just 300 roses and 170 volunteers grew to 7000 volunteers that reached 20,000 people last year. The next Roses of Peace is on 2nd October 2016. Irshad's spirit is ultimately We Are Majulah's message. The Courage to stand up, take Ownership and spread Compassion. Majulah, Irshad #WeAreMajulah #RosesOfPeace #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Edmond

Edmond Wong used to work at MCYS before he went back into the family business Kim Choo Kueh Chang. Over the years, Edmond has managed to gather a varied collection of stories and little facts about Singapore and the Peranakan Culture which in turn fuels his belief about learning to rediscover your own heritage and culture just so that you are able to share it with the people around you better. Thank you for your good word of advice, Edmond. Majulah! #GoodWordProject #WeAreMajulah Youtube Link:

The Good Word Project: David

David draws a lot of strength and inspiration from his parents. He learnt about determination when he saw his own father persevere through illness and commitment from his mother when he saw the lengths she went through to provide the best for her family. After his stint with the The Singapore Army, David is now involved with the National Youth Council, Singapore, where he hopes to guide young people from all walks of life. Thank you, David for everything that you've done so far for this country and for taking the time to tell us your stories. Share this video if you think that someone else can learn a little from this generous man. Majulah! Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Ramani DeAlwis

Ramani DeAlwis, 60, left Sri Lanka when she was 18 years old to carve out a living in the United States with only 5 dollars in her pocket. She waited tables and babysat to put herself through school while also trying her hand at having her own mobile cupcake truck and also a private parties company for children. She eventually found her calling in education and went as far as representing Montessori at the United Nations as a NGO for 2 years. Now, she is the Executive Director of Alpha to Omega, a center that specialises in helping students who struggle with dyslexia, autism, asperges, ADHD/ADD and specific learning difficulties. Ramani believes that education is one of the most important things that will shape the future of the country and she has made it one of her core beliefs. Keep up the good fight, Ramani. Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link: If you know anyone who you think has a great story and good word to share, do let us know by messaging us on Facebook directly or emailing us at

The Good Word Project: Chris

"We live in a country with certain expectations, certain ways of living and you know.. There are some ways that are prized higher than others and so yeah, for sure there was some pressure but i guess like any self respecting artist, I cannot succumb to it right?" Chris Chai, 29 is an artist who loves to squeeze as much detail into as small a space as possible. Therefore creating these tapestries of art that just demand attention. Despite the doubts that he had in the beginning, Chris has managed to preserver and held a showcase of his work at Kult recently. Don't give up on your art, Chris! Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: John

Born or bred, trailblazers are definitely wired differently. 25 years ago, a kid in a St. Michael’s Primary School uniform was hawking comic books outside other primary schools. He wasn’t a typical student, he was more of an athlete who liked spending time at shopping malls after training to buy and read comic books. If you had spotted him with his extra school bags full of comic books at the various bus stops, then you were looking at an entrepreneur in the making. Now 36, John Ng Pangilinan is the founder and CEO of OvenBaked Ideas Pte Ltd and is responsible for incubating a number of business including his most recent venture, Makan Bus. John chose not to go into the family business, but that was not because he was not cut out to be a businessman. A boy with the gall to peddle comic books outside other schools does not simply “go into the family business”. The desire to carve his own path was already evident. He started out selling comic books and used textbooks in his own school. Any regular kid would be satisfied with that but not one with the entrepreneurial drive. He began to sell comic books to kids from other schools. Singaporeans have always been stereotyped as ‘kiasee’, always playing it safe, study hard, get a stable job and so on. The growing number of start-ups over the past decade throws that assumption right into the garbage. We’re placed at number 10 for the best start-up ecosystem in the world. The government is supportive, the conditions are ripe and young Singaporeans like John, have a good support systems to aid them along the way. That’s not to say that it’ll be easy. Hard work and sacrifice are the top two mantras for any self respecting entrepreneur. Discipline is crucial. All the greatest ideas in the world wouldn’t take off without the discipline to execute. In the "Trailblazer" series of the good word project, born and bred Singaporean entrepreneurs share their philosophies on life experiences which moulded them and their hopes for the future. #goodwordtrailblazers #WeAreMajulah Youtube Link:

The Good Word Project: Salam

Salam is currently one of the oldest participants of the Good Word Project. At 78 years old, he has seen and survived some of the darkest points in Singapore's history. As we listened to him recounting his past, we finally understood what separates the pioneer generation from the rest of us. Salam showed us through his stories that his tenacity to survive was for the people that mattered the most to him.

The Good Word Project: Vincent

"I've always told both my sons that whatever they do, they just need to follow their passion. Because i live my life that way. And of course, whatever decision that they make, you just have to deliver what you promise." Vincent feels that having integrity is one of the strongest pillars that make him who he is today. His father taught him this value and he tries his best to impart the same mindset to his two sons. As the creative mind behind Flesh Imp, Vincent follows his passion in whatever he does and is always grateful for being able to live out his dreams. Youtube link: Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject

The Good Word Project: Rui Yong

Soh Rui Yong is a national athlete who has achieved records and medals. A gold medal at the SEA GAMES last year in fact. Despite suffering from an injury, he still decided to race in London earlier this year. As a Sea Games 2015 gold medalist, he has recently realised that his words hold a different weight than before. Constantly self-reflecting, Rui Yong is always striving to be a better both on and off the track. We wish him all the best in his endevours. Majulah! Because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Timothy Seet

Timothy Seet is a 23 year old university student who used to believe that staying apathetic was the way to move forward in life. It was through unfair & painful judgement that inspired Timothy to create a means for people who want to share their stories and personal experiences with others. Timothy together with a group of like minded students started UNSAID, a movement aiming to be the largest student-led socially minded arts collective in Singapore. By crowdsourcing stories & narratives from everyday Singaporeans they hope to inspire conversation to encourage a more open and socially accepting Singapore. Keep sharing those stories because #WeAreMajulah #GoodWordProject Youtube Link:

The Good Word Project : Mary

When both her parents passed away due to heart problems, Mary learnt that the most important currency in life was health. She believes that with health, comes time and all possibilities. Her personal philosophy was drawn from over 40 years of experience in healthcare as a registered nurse and a further 13 years managing the Thomson Community Club Gym. Despite her wealth of experience and lessons learnt, Mary feels her most significant role in life has been to be a mother. Pass the good word along and share this video. On behalf of the #WeAreMajulah team, we would like to wish Mary along with all our mothers a very happy Mother’s Day. Youtube link:

The Good Word Project: Dawn

Dawn was doing well in secondary school when she suddenly "crashed" her results and ended up having to change schools for a fresh start. It was this change that led her to picking up Art as a subject and since then, she feels like she found her true calling in being an artist. Although she understands that being an artist might be a controversial decision especially with traditionally Asian parents, she still holds true to her principle that doing what you love will ultimately lead to a more satisfying and content life. Keep making good art, Dawn. Majulah. Because #WeAreMajulah #Goodwordproject Youtube link: